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Stewart Colquhoun

Stewart Colquhoun


DisciplineEnduro Competitor, Enduro Freeride, Trial Competitor

LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia

Experience12 Years Enduro, 3 years basic trials

Beta Rider Since2013


     I returned to dirt biking at age 38 after 20 years of no motor cycles. With trying 8 different bikes over the past 12 years, you can call me a big enduro enthusiast. I got talked into my first hare scramble on the big FE550. I managed 2nd place and was hooked and cleaned up Junior and the Intermediate championships. Within a few years I was managing the whole race series, and still trying to compete. I brought in electronic scoring and helped grow the NSORRA series attendance from 25 to a peak of 145 racers over 6 years, but had to stop racing due to the effort required to manage the growing series.
       With  job changes, and helping Beta Canada at events and demo rides across the country as a Beta Ambassador, I retired from race organizing in 2016. I don’t race often, but was very happy with a 2nd place Vet B Sprint Enduro at the first, and only, running of The Mexican 500 (in Ontario!)  I really enjoy riding and building technical trails. I’m doing some cross training on the trials bikes. I have taken all levels of training from the likes of Mr. Gumby - Barry Morse from Cross Training Enduro of You Tube fame to World Champions turned instructors like Shane Watts, Graham Jarvis, and Chris Birch (the best to date)


I switched to 2 stroke for the light weight and easy maintenance in 2013. Once i discover Beta 300rr's amazing handling and e-start, I joined the brand I haven't looked back. I am on my 3rd Beta 300rr and enjoy every ride. Nova Scotia trails are fairly techincal and the Beta's smooth yet beefy torque delivery is amazing. I was so amazed at my original 2013 Beta 300rr, I was winning hole shots in the regional race series and I was letting everyone test ride it. That was the start of the Beta Brand Ambassador program....

Race Series 
Support the local Beta dealer for Demos and as Beta Rep at the annual Halifax Motorcycle Show. I sweep ride for the local Hare Scramble Series. Help with Beta Days Demo rides a few weeks each year. Rider support at the Corduroy Enduro.
Supporting Dealer 

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