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Reuben Schroeder

Reuben Schroeder


DisciplineEnduro Competitor

LocationCumberland, Ontario

Experience6 Years Enduro, 2 Years MX

Beta Rider Since2019


Reuben Schroeder. I was born and currently raised in a small Canadian town, close to Ottawa. I first started riding dirt bikes at the age of four. Three years after, I decided to start doing a few races in my enduro track in my hometown. That was the time when I wanted to do a full racing series in the Fmsq. I then raced for a few years on a 50cc and 65cc in the Fmsq. I did not get any success but got experience and improvement. 2018 was the first year where I started training and being serious about winning. Everything started to workout better and establish itself. I sadly did not win that year but got podiums and finished 5th in School Boy B. 2019 is the year where I really felt comfortable on my bike. I entered a higher class as a solid underdog, School boy A. I started off the year with 3 straight wins, giving me the confidence to finish my season in a successful way. I followed the series with podiums and a few wins which got me 1st place in the 2019 Fmsq School boy A class. My dad and i built a little mx\enduro track at home where I could get some practice in during week days. It really helps my improvement and training. I also play hockey and basketball as winter sports. In 2020, Im looking forward for this season entering 17-, healthy and determined to do as well as I can with my 125rr race edition.


I choose Beta because I like it's originality, the flow the bike gives to me when riding it. It was comfortable and is very easy to handle. The transition from my 105cc to 125cc was surprisingly easy. The add-ons the bike has compared to other brands was very original. It gave a smooth feeling that made me feel safe. The graphics on the 125rr race edition are very good looking. My favorite aspect of my bike has to be the smooth flow that the speed and acceleration gives. It is very comfortable to control in corners.

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