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Enduro Models

Choose Your Weapon.

RR Rider

We want you to completely understand one thing; the RR is not a trail bike. It’s a full on, fully featured enduro bike capable of handling anything 90% of riders have to throw at it, including hard enduro, gnarly hill climbs, roots, rocks, logs … and your Sunday afternoon family ride.

RR 2T/4T Features

  • SACHS Open Cartridge Fork, fully adjustable, softer ride in all conditions
  • SACHS fully adjustable rear shock w/ less progressive, softer ride in all conditions
  • Oil – Injection (2T RR models only)
  • EFI single injector (4T RR models only)
  • Somewhat less aggressive MAP

RACE Edition Rider

NOW if you are that 10% of rider group … you know who you are … than you may want to check out our RACE Edition option. The RACE Edition is for the hardcore rider who throws everything at their riding and then some. We are talking full out knuckle bleeding, gum slapping, bull stomping, teeth gnashing all out war on the single track … if thats you, here is your ride!

RACE Edition Features

  • SACHS Closed Cartridge fork, fully adjustable, more stable for sever riding
  • SACHS fully adjustable rear shock, more progressive specification, more stable for sever riding
  • Pre-Mix only for 2T RACE models (optional oil-injection available)
  • EFI twin injectors (4T RACE models only)
  • More aggressive mid to top end MAP